Footer Content Mandatories

A footer is an area at the base of the page, beneath all other content, containing legally required or otherwise policy-enforced information.

The following specifications define the mandatory elements required in the footer.

The footer area should be clearly distinguished from the page content and the links in the footer should be clearly distinguished from the footer content.

The following links and content should appear on all site pages:

Footer links - The following links should be included at minimum:

  • Privacy Policy = link to the UNSW Website Privacy Statement on the Corporate website.
  • Copyright and disclaimer = link to the Copyright and Disclaimer on the Corporate website.
  • Accessibility = link to Accessibility Support on the Corporate website.
  • Site Feedback = (only applies to the corporate website) link to the Site Feedback form on the Corporate website. Where feedback mechanisms apply to other units, the feedback link should be a link or email to the appropriate department.
  • Site map = link to the site map for the site.

Footer content - The following content should be displayed in all footers:

  • Address = Mailing address and telephone number of a Unit.
  • Authorised by = Name of the role (expected to be a senior management role) in the Unit that is responsible for authorising the page (this role may change for different areas of the site).
  • CRICOS number = CRICOS Provider Code 00098G.
  • ABN information = ABN 57 195 873 179.
  • Date = Date the page was last updated or in the case of dynamic pages (e.g. from a database) the page generated date