UNSW Logo Mandatories

University websites must display the UNSW logo in accordance with the Website Branding Guidelines and UNSW Brand Requirements. These guidlines can be found in myUNSW. Any enquiries regarding branding guidelines can be directed to branding@unsw.edu.au.

In brief:

  • The logo is contained in the Level One banner on all University websites.
  • Logo 'lock-ups' (the UNSW crest and unit name) must be requested from UNSW marketing Services at branding@unsw.edu.au.
  • The required logo is the landscape international version. Do not change the logo in any way.
  • Positive/negative and colour/greyscale/mono versions may be used as fits the site design.
  • The web minimum logo height is 40 pixels, as determined by the full height of the shield and motto.
  • The logo safe area is half the width of the 'U' in 'UNSW'. No other design elements or borders may be placed within this distance of the logo.
  • See the 'Restrictions' page in the UNSW Brand Guidelines for prohibited logo treatments.

Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, for example in third-party applications with restricted branding capability, cross-institutional sites, or on sites designed to be viewed on a small-screened device.

Where to get the logo:

The logo is available in EPS and TIFF format. Please log in to myUNSW with your zID and then click here to view available logo files.