Web Sites

The main priority of the Central Web Unit is to provide assitsance to individual units seeking help with their web projects, while ensuring that these projects meet the overall strategy objectives of the University. It is our job to make sure that UNSW is constantly moving toward providing our users with the best, user focussed experience within an organised, user centric domain. To meet this goal, we provide the following services:

Our Web Services:

  • Needs assessment - we are happy to meet with you to determine what the requirements of your project(s) are
  • CMS evaluation - based on your needs, we will recommend the best CMS solution to meet your buisiness, communication and user needs
  • Vendor matching - we can assist in finding the right partners to work with you on your projects
  • Brand - we can assist in ensuring your project meets all current UNSW online brand requirements
  • Briefing - we speak agency, so we are happy to review your brief and help make certain that your airtight brief will save you time and money
  • Strategic advice - depending on the project size and/or complexity, we are available to serve on your project team to provide advice, objectivity and to help keep things on track
  • Crisis management / resourcing - every so often projects can slip. We are here to help pull them back on track and in emergency cases provide additional resources
  • In some cases we can provide design and development support